Two Store Recommendations

As the holidays are here, I wanted to promote what are currently my two favorite online stores for Lokean wares. I’ve ordered from both of them, and they both make beautiful, magically charged items.

First, Oreamnos Oddities, which is owned by the Lokean/Heathen artist Rachel Shelton (who was kind enough to review my upcoming book for me). Rachel has a beautiful natural and dark aesthetic to her work and she specializes in ritual items like altars, rune sets, blot bowls, incense burners, and candle holders. She incorporates her own art/bind-runes and also some traditional Icelandic sigils in her work. Everything is ethically sourced and handmade. She hikes to find her bones and cleans them herself, then makes her wooden works by hand from scratch. Super impressive!

Seeing her work inspired me to start using more natural elements on my altar for Loki: bones, skins, wood, etc. You can tell she also puts a lot of real mojo into her work: when the box arrived at my house I swear it was vibrating.

Here’s an example of a Jormungandr candleholder and Aegishjalmr incense burner I recently bought for my new Loki Altar.

Rachel also makes her own ritual oils, candles, and incense. The incense I received from her was her Loki blend, which has a dark, woody smell to it that I find very pleasant. The candles are a protection spell and the Dagaz oil has a bright, uplifting smell. Along with my order she also included her version of Loki oil. It’s sweet, masculine, and probably one of the nicest smelling oils I’ve ever used. It’s currently my new favorite anointing oil (and you gotta love her Loki bind-rune)! Please check her work out, you won’t be disappointed.


Second on the list is Fire Fox Alchemy, who I’ve consistently seen put out beautiful prayer beads, oils, and candles for Loki. Joan is the owner, who is an eclectic pagan that uses the lunar and planetary cycles to make her creations with intention. I’ve never spoken to her personally, but I suspect she has a soft spot for our favorite trickster. I’m particularly fond of their Trickster Oil blend for Loki, which uses a recipe very close to the smells I personally associate with him: dragons blood heavy with other accents like star anise and cinnamon. They also have a similar loose incense for him that I really loved the smell of. All of their products come in beautiful glass bottles with appropriate charms and nice wax seal touches.

I finally couldn’t help it and broke down and bought one of the prayer bead sets for Loki from them, and they make beautiful sets for plenty of other deities as well.


I hope you give these artists some love! Happy holidays, and Hail Loki!

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